Hot Habanero chilli sachets, in your pocket

Pocket chilli club sachets box

About Pocket Chillies

Spice up boring meals and sandwiches, on the go, without affecting the flavour (like hot sauce sometimes does)

  • The sachets are small enough to keep in your pocket, wallet or bag 
  • Free delivery (UK only - at the moment)
  • Our Habanero flakes are hot (350,000 Scovilles), unlike the standard flakes that are commonly available. 
  • Chillies increase your metabolism which can help with weight loss in addition to many other health benefits

How It Works

We send you high quality sachets filled with hot Habanero chilli flakes which you can keep in your wallet, pocket or your bag to spice up any meal, whether it's the boring lunchtime sandwich at work, or a meal in a restaurant that's just not as hot as you would like (we've all been there!).


Pocket chilli sachet in jeans pocket

Select your chilli plan and sign up for monthly deliveries

 Step 2

Pocket chilli sachet in jeans pocket

Place your sachet in your wallet, pocket, or bag

Step 3

Pocket chilli sachet in jeans pocket

Sprinkle over your food when you need that chilli kick

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Free UK delivery.

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