Pocket chilli club sachets box

About the club

On the first of every month we post you a box of very high quality hot Habanero flake sachets 

  • Spice up boring meals and sandwiches, on the go, without affecting the flavour (like hot sauce often does)
  • The sachets are small enough to keep in your pocket, wallet or bag 
  • No contract tie-in, cancel any time
  • Free delivery (UK only - at the moment)
  • Our Habanero flakes are hot (350,000 Scovilles), unlike the standard flakes that are commonly available. 
  • Chillies increase your metabolism which can help with weight loss in addition to many other health benefits

A little about our mission...

Pocket chilli club was founded in 2016 to meet the spicy needs of people on-the-go, in situations where it's not always possible or convenient to get hot sauce or quality chilli flakes.

The primary mission of the company is to provide very high quality hot chilli flakes in a convenient package that you can have with you, wherever you are.

The chilli flakes used in our sachets are of the highest quality, imported from Mexico. They are produced from Habanero chillies and packaged in the UK. 

Unlike other chilli sauces, our Habanero chilli flakes do not alter the fundemantal flavour of the food.

I've been a chilli addict for years, but I found that there were so many occasions when I wasn't able to get the heat I needed when out of the house, which is when I decided to start The Pocket Chilli Club.

Dylan James - Founder of the Pocket Chilli Club, Drupal developer and author of Drupal 7 Cookbook

About the chillies

Our chilli flakes are produced from the highest quality Habanero chillies. The flakes provide a powerful chilli kick without affecting the flavour of the food.

The Habanero chilli is rated at 350,000 on the Scoville scale. This is significantly hotter than the Jalapeño, which is rated between 1,000 and 20,000 on the Scoville scale.

The chilli sachet contains 2 grams of Habanero flakes, which will be enough to add a high-powered chilli kick to any meal, but you don't need to use it all at once. Use a smaller amount on a meal for a moderate heat.

Health benefits of chillies - it's all about the capsaicin

The ingredient of chillies that causes the kick is capsaicin. It's well known for it's many health benefits. 

Weight loss

Some research suggests that capsacin may suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism aiding weight loss.

Other benefits

The list of other possible health benefits is surprisingly long. While not all of the claims have been proved to satisfactory clinical standards, they make for interesting reading. To find out more, see the links below:

Boots - health benefits of chilli and peppers

Buy a box

If it's just the one box you're after, no problem. Boxes start from £4.25, and delivery is always free

Go monthly and save money?

If you are ready to start receiving a constant supply of hot chilli sachets, click JOIN MONTHLY below. Plans start from just £3.95/month. Delivery is free in the UK, and remember, you can cancel at any time.